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The Winix HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier is designed to give superior air cleaning for pet owners. Combined with Smart Sensors and enhanced technologies, the HR900 is part of the Winix Ultimate Pet Series and is ready to capture pet dander, hair, and odors in the home. The 5-Stage air purification system includes the Ultimate Pet Filter, Washable Pre-Filter, Advanced Odor Control (AOCTM) Carbon Filter, True HEPA Filter and Winix PlasmaWave® Technology to provide advanced control of Pet and other Household Odors and Allergens. With the HR900, pet owners can minimize airborne pet allergens and particles for all their loved ones and friends.

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You Care for your Pets. We Care for your Air.

What is the Ultimate Pet?
Winix Ultimate Pet HR900 Air Purifier

The HR900 Ultimate Pet Air Purifier by Winix is specifically designed for pet owners.

Combined with Dual Smart Sensors and 5-stage filtration, each HR900 Ultimate Pet model is designed to capture pet dander, pet hair, and pet odors.

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Smart Sensors

Ultimate Pet HR900 Smart Sensors


The Ultimate Pet HR900 Offers Superior Air Cleaning for Pet Owners

Winix Ultimate Pet Series

Help Everyone Breathe Better In Your Home

Air Quality Indicator

As the sensors pick up odors and dust particles the LED light will change based on air quality. With 3 different colors you always know the quality of your air.

Pet Dander – Sometimes it’s fur, but dander can cause allergies too. These tiny particles of skin can cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks. The True HEPA filter will catch dander and prevent it from being airborne in your home.

Pet Hair

Pet Hair – It can get everywhere and it can be tough to control shedding. The washable Fine Mesh Pre-Filter will collect pet hair that is airborne in your living space.

Pet Odor

Pet Odors – Odors can occur from many places such as the mouth, body, skin, hair, liter, and food. All Ultimate Pet models have high efficiency deodorized carbon filters that help trap these odors.

Ultimate Pet Dog

If you are a pet owner, the HR900 Ultimate Pet might be the best air purifier for you!


Weight 18.7 lbs
Dimensions 9.6 × 16.3 × 23.6 in


AHAM Verified Room Size

300 sq. ft.

CADR (Dust / Pollen / Smoke)

200 / 220 / 194


2 Year


5 Stages

Smart Sensors

Particle Sensor, VOC Sensor

Remote Control





90 W

CFM (Sleep / Low / Med / High / Turbo)

56.50 / 84.76 / 113.01 / 148.32 / 197.76

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  1. frittittav@yahoo.com

    Have asthma and a cat. This unit in my bedroom really helps give me a restful, asthma free nights sleep!!

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